Things to consider when hosting a website

Website hosting

Every website need a web host - a company that provides the servers which can serve the website from anywhere over the itnernet. Here's simple steps to find the right web host.

Write down your business requirements

Web hosts offer tools or applications that specialize in particular type of websites or features. Key thing to figure out is, what will you be doing with website? Are you writing a blog or creating an E-Commerce site? One which works for somebody else might not be the right fit for you.

Consider website building options

Are you looking to use some sort of DIY - Low/No code website builders? Many website builders also offers web hosting services included. For example, WIX, Weebly etc. If you are looking for more control over which website builder to choose (or you may want to create website without any website builder) and where to host then you could go with a traditional shared hosting web host like Bluehost, Dreamhost etc and use website builders like Wordpress or other CMSs.

Compare other key factors

Depending on your business needs, you should also look for other key things when hosting a website.

  • Technical needs: Make sure the web host, website builder (or CMS) meet all of your site requirements.
  • Pricing: In addition to initial signup price of web host, also read through renewal rates. And, if any, cost of the website builder/CMS.
  • Ease of setup: How fast you can get your site up and running?
  • Easy of use: Consider who will be doing the updates, like site content update - you or a professional!
  • Support services: How important is it that someone is available in case of any site downtime or any other issue?